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ATP-Glo™ Bioluminometric Cell Viability Assay Kit (200 assays)






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ATP-Glo™ Bioluminometric Cell Viability Assay offers a highly sensitive assay for quantifying ATP. The homogeneous assay procedure involves a single addition of ATP-Glo™ Detection Cocktail directly to cells cultured in a serum-supplemented medium. It is not necessary to remove cell culture medium or wash cells before adding the reagent.

Because ATP is an indicator of metabolically active cells, the number of viable cells can be assessed based on the amount of ATP available. This ATP detection kit takes advantage of firefly luciferase's use of ATP to oxidize D-Luciferin and the resulting production of light in order to assess the amount of ATP available. The ATP-Glo™ kit can be used to detect as little as a single cell or 0.01 picomole of ATP. The signal produced is linear within 6 orders of magnitude. By relating the amount of ATP to the number of viable cells, the assay has wide applications, ranging from the determination of viable cell numbers to cell proliferation to cell cytotoxicity.

<strong>Please note: </strong>ATP-Glo&trade; is a flash-type luminescence assay. The luminescence signal generated is stable for up to 1 minute. This assay is designed for individual sample detection by using a luminometer in a single sample format or a luminometer with an injector in 96-well plate format.

<strong>Kit Components: </strong>
<li>Firefly luciferase</li>
<li>ATP-Glo&trade; assay buffer</li>
<li>2 mM ATP standard</li>
<p class="style5 style11"><strong>Features:</strong></p>

<li><b>High Sensitivity and Extended Linearity: </b>Detect from a single cell to several million cells with excellent linearity</li>
<li><b>Simple:</b> A single-step homogenous assay</li>
<li><b>Versatile:</b> Detect ATP amount or quantify number of live cells</li>

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