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AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Solution, Trial Size (200 a






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AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Solution utilizes a novel, next-generation DNA binding dye for highly sensitive and accurate quantitation of purified dsDNA samples across a broad range of DNA concentrations. The assay is linear between 0.03 ng and 250 ng of dsDNA per assay in microplate format making it the most versatile DNA quantitation assay. Unlike absorbance-based measurements, AccuClear® dye is highly selective for double-stranded DNA over single stranded DNA or RNA. This product a standalone AccuClear® Quantitation Solution that does not come with any DNA standards, intended for users that wish to use their own DNA standards. We also sell complete AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kits that come with calf thymus dsDNA standards.

The AccuClear® dsDNA quantitation assay is designed for use with fluorescence 96-well plate readers equipped with excitation and emission filters for detecting green fluorescence. The unique spectral properties of AccuClear® dye make it especially well-suited for use with instruments with blue LED excitation sources. For DNA quantitation using the Qubit® fluorometer we recommend our AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit and AccuGreen™ Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation Kit, which were formulated specifically for that instrument.

<li>Linear range: 0.03-250 ng dsDNA</li>
<li>Unrivaled sensitivity and dynamic range</li>

<li>AccuClear&reg; Dye, 100X</li>
<li>AccuClear&reg; Buffer, 1X</li>

AccuClear&reg; technology is covered by granted U.S. and international patents. Qubit is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific. QuantiFluor is a registered trademark of Promega.

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