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AccuBlue® High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Solution






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The AccuBlue®  High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Solution offers sensitive and selective detection of purified dsDNA samples with minimal effects from common contaminants. The Solution provides sufficient reagents to perform 1000 assays based on a 96-well microplate format. This item is a standalone fluorescent DNA quantitation solution, and is intended for customers who wish to use their own DNA standards. We also sell the complete AccuBlue® High Sensitivity Quantitation Kit that includes a set of calf thymus dsDNA standards.

The assay is compatible with microplate readers, spectrofluorometers and hand-held minifluorometers. Note that while the assay is spectrally compatible with Qubit® fluorometers from Thermo Fisher, it may not be compatible with the high sensitivity dsDNA program on all Qubit® models. For the Qubit® fluorometer we recommend our AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity Kit, which was specially formulated for that instrument.

<li>linear detection range from 0.2 - 100 ng</li>
<li>Safer than PicoGreen&reg; or Quant-iT&reg; dsDNA detection kits: the high sensitivity reagent is impermeable to cell membranes</li>
<li>AccuBlue&reg; High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Solution, 1X</li>
<li>AccuBlue&reg; High Sensitivity Enhancer, 100X</li>

AccuBlue and AccuClear are registered trademarks of 9689c5aa-6556-4b3c-b5d1-1e693715ba07, Inc. AccuBlue, AccuClear and AccuGreen technologies are covered by granted U.S. and international patents. Qubit and Quant-iT are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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