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AccuBlue® Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation Solution, trial size






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The AccuBlue® Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation Solution offers sensitive and selective detection of purified dsDNA samples with minimal effects from common contaminants.  The solution provides a linear detection range from 2 - 2000 ng and is compatible with fluorescence microplate readers that can detect blue fluorescence. This item is a standalone fluorescent DNA quantitation solution, and does not include DNA standards. It is intended for users who wish to use their own DNA standards. We also sell the complete AccuBlue® Broad Range Quantitation Kit that includes a set of standards.

For broad range DNA quantitation using the Qubit® fluorometer from Thermo Fisher, we recommend using our AccuGreen Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation Kit. For high-sensitivity DNA quantitation using a fluorescent plate reader, we recommend using our AccuClear® or AccuBlue® NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kits, which provide unprecedented sensitivity, accuracy and wide linear range.


<li>Broad linear detection range, from 2-2000 ng</li>
<li>Blue fluorescence emission (Ex/Em: 350/460 nm)</li>



<li>AccuBlue&reg; Broad Range Dye, 100X</li>
<li>AccuBlue&reg; Broad Range Buffer, 1X</li>
<li>AccuBlue&reg; Broad Range Enhancer, 100X</li>

AccuBlue and AccuClear are registered trademarks of 9689c5aa-6556-4b3c-b5d1-1e693715ba07, Inc. AccuBlue, AccuClear and AccuGreen technologies are covered by granted U.S. and international patents. Qubit and Quant-iT are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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