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Purified CD Antibodies & Fluorescent Labeled Conjugates

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

We have expanded our catalog of Cluster of Differentiation (CD) cell surface molecules, a constantly-growing focus in the continued advancement of immune research. Because these molecules are expressed at varying degrees and cell types, multiparameter flow cytometric analysis utilizing two or more combinations of fluorescently labeled CD antibodies enables clear resolution of particular cell type or subtype.

Our CD antibodies are available both in purified forms and labeled with common fluorophores as well as our improved iFluor™ and mFluor™ dyes for experiments requiring high photostability and brightness.

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Popular Popular CD Antibodies:CD Antibodies:


Functions primarily as a T cell co-receptor promoting the activation of cytotoxic T cells (CD8+ T cells) and T helper cells (CD4+ T cells), and ultimately helping to shape the adaptive immune response.

CD4 (Leu3, T4)

Unfortunately serves as a high affinity receptor for HIV, which the virus utilizes for entry into host T cells. CD4 counts are frequently used to assess the health of a patient's immune system infected with HIV.

CD8 (TCR, Leu2, T8)

Plays a pivotal role in T cell signaling, assists CD8+ T cells in the recognition of antigen presenting MHC class I molecules, and can serve as a cell adhesion molecule.


Plays a key role as a co-receptor for several Toll-like receptors (TLRs) facilitating in the detection of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS).

CD19 (Leu12)

Serves as a reliable biomarker for B lymphocytes and can potentially be used as a diagnostic tool for identifying lymphoma subtypes.

CD34 (Mucosialin)

Known to facilitate cell-cell adhesion, and is necessary for the entry of T cells into lymph nodes a critical event that is essential for adaptive immunity to function properly.


Functions mainly as a co-stimulatory protein that binds to CD154, also known as CD40 ligand or CD40L, which is present on activated T helper cells.


Necessary for a variety of cellular processes including efficient T- and B-cell antigen receptor mediated signal transduction, cell growth, differentiation and oncogenic transformation.

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Resources and ToolsAAT Bioquest offers many other resources and online tools for research, including: · Peptide and Protein Molecular Weight Calculator · LD50 Calculator · Application Notes publicly available for in-depth implementation

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